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Updated: June 2023

Local Haze Fact Sheet

  • Local Haze: free iPhone app, latest release V2.1.0 available on the Apple App Store:
  • Local Haze crowdsources outdoor air quality data from many different sources and delivers it to your iPhone.
  • Local Haze reports air quality data from numerous crowdsourced sensors from PurpleAir, Luftdaten, uRADMonitor, and government sources including AirNow and the U.S. Department of State. In addition to viewing current conditions, you can also share sensor maps of air quality readings anywhere in the world.
  • The WHO and US EPA have guidelines for safe air quality as impacted by chemical pollutants and particulate matter (PM). PM that is smaller than 10 micrometers poses problems because it can get into the bloodstream. Local Haze displays the level of smaller PM 2.5 particles, which pose the most significant health risks. Local Haze displays the AQI (Air Quality Index) and a confidence rating for each sensor reading. The confidence rating depends on many factors, including sensor maintenance and data freshness.
  • Local Haze is an iPhone app designed and built by HumanLogic that aggregates and delivers crowdsourced air quality (AQ) sensor data in an easy to understand mobile user experience. The app allows consumers to search for AQ sensors by geolocation and view sensor readings in detail.
  • As of 2023, Local Haze monitors over 31,000 air quality sensors across six continents include devices by PurpleAir,, uRADMonitor, AirNow and the US Department of State.
  • Local Haze displays sensor air quality as PM (particulate matter) readings and a “Confidence rating”. This confidence rating reflects the accuracy of the sensor data based on crowdsourced readings of sensors combined with analysis of government sensor data.
  • The Confidence rating allows consumers to clearly understand the accuracy of their local AQ readings as compared to the sensors in the surrounding geographical area.
  • Local Haze is available for iPhone.
  • Please see our FAQ for more information.

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Local Haze is designed by HumanLogic.