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Local Haze adds map sharing of crowdsourced air quality data

Toronto, Canada and Tampa, USA

Local Haze is a mobile app that crowdsources outdoor air quality sensor measurements and now allows users to share air quality sensor maps via social sharing. Local Haze sensor maps make available an aggregated, color-coded visual tally of air quality sensors located anywhere in the world. Users can zoom in on a map region to view associated sensor readings in more detail.

With this new update, a Local Haze sensor map (shown below) can be quickly shared with a customized message via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, SMS or iMessage.

Health risks resulting from poor air quality and the presence of particulate matter (PM) – especially PM 2.5 – are well known. “Consumers are taking air quality monitoring into their own hands. They are researching, purchasing, building and installing air quality sensors for their homes,” says Local Haze product manager and designer Karen Donoghue. “A growing market of affordable sensors has become available to address this demand, such as those by PurpleAir and Luftdaten.” 

Local Haze provides simple access to the data gathered by these crowdsourced air quality sensors, and now with the added map sharing ability makes this data available to a wider audience. 

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Local Haze is free and available for iPhone here:

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About Local Haze

Local Haze is a free iPhone app developed by HumanLogic.  Local Haze is the third mobile app that HumanLogic has launched including SD Insight for Android, which has been downloaded over a million times and has maintained a rating of more than four stars.